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Designs from our Designer Collections can be viewed by clicking the links below. Please contact customer support for sale pricing, and/or to order sample(s).

Schumacher – A Designer’s Resource For Fabric, Wallpaper, and Trim (

Thibaut Designer Wallpaper, Fine Fabrics & High End Furniture | Thibaut (

Momentum Wallcovering (

Koroseal – Commercial Wallcoverings (

Shop York Designer Series Wallpaper | York Wallcoverings (York Designer Series)

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Shop Schumacher’s new collection – Preppy Chic – featuring pretty, polished classics with a modern outlook, this fresh, fun array of fabrics, wallcoverings and trims range from boho-chic embroidery to bold regalia and chinoiserie, plus a dash of checks and botanicals. Please contact customer support for sale pricing, and/or to order sample(s).

Preppy Chic – Wallcoverings , Fabrics , Trims – Collection | Schumacher (

Create a Great Escape: Attic Design Ideas for the Ultimate Cozy Nook

 Create a Great Escape: Attic Design Ideas for the Ultimate Cozy Nook

Children’s  Room Decals From Disney.

Add some fun to  your child’s room with a fun decal from one of our many Disney Decal Franchises, from Star Wars characters such as Darth Vader and BB8, and from Marvel Comics, characters such as Spiderman, and Disney’s most popular character…Mikey himself!

Many more Disney Decal Brand characters are listed on our site.  Just click on the Decal tab to view all the Disney franchises:  Star Wars, Marvel, Toy Story, Frozen, Cars, Little Mermaid, Disney Princesses, and Winnie The Pooh!

Murals are a quick and easy way to decorate your home in 2023.

Brighten your home this year with a mural from our vast selection.  Murals are a quick and affordable way to add color to a room.  They are easy to install, and after many years of enjoyment, they are easy to remove.  Just click on the Mural tab to view all.

J Crawford Design Studio is your source for High Performance Wallcovering!

High Performance Wallcovering (formally referred to as Commercial Wallcovering) in the not so distant past, was primarily used in office buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals…etc. because it was used for its durability vs. esthetic value and often was only printed in bland colors with no design.  Commercial Wallcovering was rarely used in homes.  In contrast, with the designs of today, High Performance Wallcovering maintains the same, if not more improved durability…BUT, the designs are much more dazzling and colorful offering much more versatility.  Many designs are now used in homes as well as office space, etc.

We have an excellent selection of High Performance that can be ordered directly from our website here, and non-ecommerce brands that can be viewed by clicking the links below. 

Contact our support team for questions, sample memos, and ordering.

High Perforance – Fabrics, Wallcoverings | Schumacher (

Texture Resource 8 collection | Thibaut (

koroseal – Patty Madden

Wallcovering – Momentum Textiles and Wallcovering (

Barclay Butera – MDC Interior Solutions (

High Performance Wallpaper – York Wallcoverings

Affordable Children’s Closeout/Discontinued Wallpaper and Borders.

Whether you’re looking to add a whimsical wallpaper and/or border design to your daycare, classroom, play area, children’s hospital room, or children’s bedroom, you will find what you need here on our website.  We have a wide range of children themes from:  Pirates, stars, stripes, alphabet, flowers, and dinosaurs.  We also have a very popular map of the world mural, and animals of the world Peel  + Stick elements.  All closeout/discontinued wallpaper and borders are in stock and ship same day!

Ronald Redding Closeout/Discontinued Wallpaper.

We have an excellent selection of classic Ronald Redding closeout/discontinued grasscloth wallpaper.  Ronald Redding is a longtime wallpaper designer and has been a collaborator with York Wallcoverings for many years.  Our Ronald Redding grasscloth designs are discounted up to 73% off!   All closeout/discontinued grasscloth wallpaper is in stock and ships same day!

Acoustical Wallcovering for Your Home Theatre.

Use the same acoustical wallcovering used in commercial theaters in your theater room at home.  Acoustical wallcovering offers noise reducing acoustical benefits to your home theater and there are many colors to choose from.  Most are built for bio-responsibility and healthy home living.

Visit our Quietwall Acoustical Collection on our website and click Here to view our Koroseal designs.

Contact our support team for questions and sample memo ordering.

Turn 2023 Winter Blues into a 2023 Spring “Pick Me Up” with Designs from Two of Our Popular Brands.

Are you suffering from the winter blues?   I know I am.  It’s the perfect time to look around and really take notice of your surroundings.  Which rooms could use a pick me up, and which rooms need a whole new direction.  I’m thinking and feeling spring, so I’ve emerged myself in Brewster’s Annelie Collection and York’s Greenhouse Collection and I’m salivating at the chance to bring some spring into my life.  I think a romantic bedroom wallpaper scene will do the trick!  Good luck looking for your inspiration.  Wallpaper is a wonderful way to change the feel of your space. Visit both collections on our website by searching each in the search bar.

Go Chic Retro with Designs from Our Rewind Collection.

“Rewind” introduces classic old school style and color schemes teamed up with the flare of modern design techniques.  Rewind is dedicated to the late James Joseph (JJ) Patton, Founder and former President of Patton Wallcoverings, and former President of Norwall Wallcoverings.  Our Rewind Collection offers fashionable quality wallpaper at affordable prices. Visit the Rewind Collection on our website by searching for it in the search bar.

Simply Farmhouse – By York Wallcoverings

In these stressful times create some peace and tranquility in your home.  Monochromatic layering of wallpaper colors and clean lines can do that.  But it doesn’t have to be boring, add textures, prints and patterns to give it pop. The shades can vary from pale to dark.  Visit our collection; Simply Farmhouse here on our website to view such designs.

Using Murals as Artwork

I just saw the coolest use of an 8×8 peel and stick wall mural.  It was hung on the middle of a wall and framed to make it look like artwork, wonderful idea.   It really transformed the room.   Visit our murals page here on our website to get design ideas.

Brick Wallpaper Gives the appearance of Real Brick.

Brick wallpaper is an affordable way to add the classy look of real brick to your walls.  A great way to add an elegant natural esthetic to your home, apartment, rental property, or business.  View our selection of brick wallpaper in our collection:  Farmhouse Living, or search “Brick” here on our website.

Flamestitch Wallpaper is Classic.

Flamestitch wallpaper is classic and does not seem to age.  The design has been around for decades and yet, still remains in style today.  View our selection of flamestitch designs in our collection:  Lillian August here on our website.

Transport Yourself With Bohemia II from Schumacher Wallcoverings.

A diverse, globally inspired collection of fabric, trims and wallpapers, Bohemia II offers printed and woven patterns with a laidback, artisan look.  Contact our support team for questions, sample memo ordering and sale pricing.

Stargazer Wall Mural – RY2816M March Madness Sale.

J Crawford Design Studio (JCDS) is having a March Madness Sale on our Stargazer Wall Mural, item – RY2816M.  It will be marked down an additional 20% through April 2nd, 2023.  This mauve, red, white, and yellow mural will brighten any space. In stock and ships same day.

Darlana Grasscloth Wallpaper from Scott Living.

Our featured grasscloth for spring 2023 is Darlana Grasscloth Wallpaper from Drew and Jonathan Scott –  Scott Living Wallpaper Collection.  The botanical designs across multiple color ways offer elegant natural looks.  Visit the Scott Living Collection here on our site.